What Do I Need To Know Before My Exam?

Please understand, we do not perform an examination until we have a complimentary consultation. After the consultation, if you feel comfortable that we are the right fit for your situation, and if we determine you are a candidate for our office, you will have the opportunity to continue your visit with a complete Neuro-Structural Chiropractic Examination or schedule at your convenience following the consult or on a future date.

The examination schedule to be approximately 60 minutes (includes consultation). Please wear comfortable clothes(workout type clothes are great).

Our Neuro-Structural Examination consists of:

1. Neuro-Structural Radiographs
2. Neuro-Functional Assessment
3. Digital Structural Analysis

These procedures allow us to see if any Neuro-Structural Shifts are present in your body. Our examination is not only designed to detect Neuro-Structural Shifts but also gives you a better understanding of your current condition.

Once the doctor has completed his assessment, you will be scheduled for a conference with the doctor where we will explain your exam findings, discuss care options, explain how we can help you, and preview how things work if you should decide to work with our practice.

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